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Do You Have THE BIG IDEA, What Do You Do Next? Check this out

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As an entrepreneur, you first go through the idea validation process

Idea – I can help business owners get better reviews from their customers
Opportunity – I know that these specific industries suffer the most from not having my idea implemented today

First you have an idea, then you verify that there is a market opportunity, then you build a solution to be sold through your sales funnel.

From the sales funnel perspective, the word “opportunity” has a different meaning

Lead – A sales person becomes aware of someone who potentially could need what she is selling.
Opportunity – the lead is evaluated to see if there is an opportunity to make money by doing business with this prospect
Closing – the solution is sold to the prospect who now becomes a customer.

This featured topic is designed to help young people cultivate competencies necessary to social innovation but equally transferable to all areas of life, work and community.

So what are those essential skills? Arguably all skills and knowledge will add value as you embark on your journey as a social innovator.


myideaindia.com -Idea Sharing Platform

 Ownership   Integrative Thinking   Self-Development   Financial Literacy   Execution

Ownership is the key to leadership and the starting point of all innovation. Ownership is empowerment that is self-determined. It is not a title or a deed but rather this very liberating notion that you influence the end result to happen. Whether it is your vision, a goal, or an entire social venture, without ownership, no one is responsible and nothing happens. Cultivate the skill of taking ownership.
Integrative Thinking is the 21st century successor to the all-important skill of Problem Solving. F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.

Self-Development is the act of self-guided improvement. If we are to make the world better, we must first begin with ourselves.

Financial Literacy continues to top the list of all the skills and knowledge that social entrepreneurs desire to develop. Whether you are managing the finances for a Fortune 500 company or your own piggy bank, understanding money is a necessity for any young person and all social entrepreneurs.

Execution may be the most undervalued of the myriad skills human beings can develop and hone. But without execution, the pyramids would not have been built, the internet would not exist and the greatest books would never have been written.