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When I first began learning to do change-work (this is over thirty years ago now), as I was learning how to assist behavioral and belief-related issues both, I was struck by two ever-present, apparently contradictory realities: 1) that personal, conscious choice was the most important factor in creating and allowing growth and change, and a couple of) that personal, conscious choice didn’t seem to affect anything else at all-not really. I mean, what number of an incredible number of times each day do humans say, “I desire to be happy,” or, “I prefer to get well,” and the way often did/does this appear to really make a difference?

We have keep coming back from vacation having been together as a family for 6 weeks. My eldest son has begun a new school, my younger kids (who fight more when together) have reached the automobile each morning and evening. There’s a mountain of washing, sports schedules and other activities, time which was my own or ours to share with you is currently crowded with priorities.

About few months before Jesus died, we accompany Him towards the scene of another contradiction. A heart broken father is on his knees asking Jesus to heal his son, a son who had been severely tormented since early childhood. The father asks Jesus to heal the boy ‘if He can’. Jesus gently says that my way through possible for people that believe, whereupon the dad makes one of the extremely profound requests for help I have ever heard:

Now Hindus worship, no matter castes, Vettakkaran a slam dunk as a hero, but as a Hindu God. Certain mythological stories have become linked to this as well as the Deity is regarded as related to Lord Shiva, or Lord Shiva itself. In Mahabharatha (the classic literary work which describes in greater detail the struggle for power between two groups of cousins, Pandavas and Kauravas), Arjuna, the mid- Pandava, wished to maximum benefit powerful weapon (an arrow), Pasupathastram, from Lord Shiva. He started doing thapas (meditation emphasizing Shiva) for this specific purpose, until Shiva appeared face-to-face before him. As a result, Shiva thought we would appear before him. But Shiva desired to test Arjuna’s sincerity and worthiness to get this type of powerful weapon. So, Shiva and Parvathy appeared looking at Arjuna, attired as forest dwelling hunters. After testing Arjunas sincerity, for their satisfaction, the weapon was presented with certain conditions. The story has it a son was given birth to to Lord Shiva and Parvathy while they were on this hunter attire. This son is called Vettakkoru makan (a son for hunting), which shortens to Vettekkaran.

We (US & many related cultures) name a child within hours of birth, although at that time organic beef have no real notion of what Latest News their personality is going to be. At best, we could only speculate about needs and wants, attitude, physical attributes, etc. In many cases, babies might be named for any favorite public figure, or even for the “stage name” of a popular entertainer.