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The leadership trait of being motivating and inspiring comes across strongly and consistently. This is one of the differentiators between leaders and managers. Is it that easy and obvious to become one that motivates and inspires once you progressed in your career to a leadership role? being a leader is not born talent and it takes a long time to become a good one by learning from your own mistakes and wins, and by calibrating yourself against those you aspire.

Few points advice to get focussed earlier in your life and to prepare for future opportunities :-

1) Find your passion –  Become passionate about the business, people, certain tasks, an area of the work, etc. By behaving with a “sparkle in your eyes” will inspire your peers, co-workers, and people around you.

2) Become the best you can be in your position. When others regard you as an expert, they will trust you easier and respect you for it.

3) Analyze where you add value. What is your personal unique contribution to the team that others appreciate? This builds confidence and opens your mind to see other opportunities within the organization.

4) Share your innovative thoughts with others.

5) Care for business and people’s wellbeing.

6) Speak out when conflicts arise and give an opinion that is fair and in the interest of company’s community rather one individual’s;

7) Calibrate your actions against the company’s vision, mission, and values.

8) Set an example being a dedicated, motivated and inspired team member. Nothing else inspires others around you as your own genuine behavior.

Along the journey of personal growth, you will evolve and improve forever in time. Remember, to be noticed, you need to stand out.

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